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Beachpeople® (beech pee-pul) noun, pronoun or adjective 1). A term used to describe a population of individuals who spend an inordinate period of time at the beach. 2).People who find spiritual meaning at that passionate boundary where the land gives way to the sea. 3). A way of looking at life and the open-minded pursuit of spirituality from an “island” perspective. 4). Sun-tanned, spiritual bohemians and wave riders, some of whom operate ancient VW busses with surfboards strapped on top of their vehicles. 5). Beachpeople®, often who’s only pair of shoes are flip-flops (seldom worn).  



We are Beachpeople®!

(Find out if you are Beachpeople®..)

Welcome to your internet home for beach lifestyle affectionados and addicts alike: a place where “Beach” is spoken, where the beach is never far from your thoughts!

Beachpeople® was initially founded in 2004 to be the REAL DEAL for everything “The Beach”!

This website’s purpose is to provide beach information, thoughful beach lifestyle articles, hand made beach wearable art, jewelry, beach food and recipes, beach art and fine art imagery products, beach wedding information, and even some beach humor!

This project will never be finished, and that is just fine. As we work to add pages about interesting subjects dealing with the beach life, we hope that others will build on our project by adding content and musings. Because just like a beach, this website is big enough for all of us who consider ourselves to be “Beachpeople®”.

So pull up your beach chair, goop on some sunscreen, rock some steel drum music, and enjoy your stay!


Beachpeople®’s never ending mission: To explore strange new beaches, encounter new beach civilizations, and to boldly go where most inlanders have never gone before. These are the voyages of Beachpeople®!

Beachpeople® is registered and trademarked, and all images and content on this website is the exclusive property of Beachpeople®, and may not be copied, downloaded or used in any way without our expressed and written permission.